Hagut was founded in 1997 and was located at 3 Borochov St, Ra’anana.

In 2017 it has been relocated to Renanim Mall, 2 HaMelacha St, Ra’anana.

The store is a family business, managed by Iris and Ron Levi, residents of the city. 

Hagut has a large selection of ritual objects, sacred books, books of Jewish thought and ethics, children’s books with Jewish content and a beautiful selection of Judaica items, created by the well-known Israeli artists, along with young Israeli artists just starting at Hagut.

In Hagut you will find many different styled Mezuzot, so each individual can choose according to their own taste. Architects, designers and homeowners come from all over the country to buy from the best range of design available.

We have a large variety of Talitot and Teffilin and produce the original designs.

The “Beit-El Teffilin” factory chose Hagut as its exclusive seller in the western Sharon area and you can order their Teffilin. Beit-El teffilin are the only type teffilin to have a certificate of rabbinic approval and are available at a number of different price ranges and qualities.  

In Hagut there is a large variety of leather Siddurim and Machzorim, in different versions (Ashkenaz, Edot Ha’Mizrach and Sefarad) from a variety of publishers and manufacturers.

Throughout the entire year and especially close to the holidays you can find unique items, such as Passover plates, Menorahs, dreidles, honey holders, Shofars and more.

In Hagut you can find an idea for any event. Gifts for the birth of a son or daughter, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, army enlistment, engagements and marriages.

You can purchase the products offered in the store by using our secured website.


At your service,

the Hagut Team