Crystal Mezuzah Cases – Mezuzalea


Mezuzalea (mezuzalea @), is a crystal coating hand made in Israel, which gives the mezuzah a designed and colorful look. According to Jewish tradition, the mezuzah brings virtues for success, blessing and good luck to the place where it is fixed. Mezuzalea connects the world of religious objects with the world of personal style, and presents crystal coatings in a variety of sizes and colors.

מידע נוסף

מידות 622031 cm
צבע הבית

ורוד אפרסק, טורקיז, ירוק בקבוק, כחול ים, לבן בקבוק, סגול בהיר, פטרול, צהוב בקבוק, שחור


12 ס"מ, 15 ס"מ, 20 ס"מ