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At times, the ability to fulfill the mitzva of hadlakat nerot Shabbat, the lighting of Shabbat candles, by kindling live flames is impractical. During hospital or hotel stays on Shabbat, questions arise as to the ideal way to fulfill the mitzva of hadlakat nerot. Safety concerns prohibit lighting live flames in one’s room in such large complexes, and the alternative options that are sometimes presented (such as lighting in a lobby or dining hall) present halakhic challenges. At times, such as in hotels outside Israel, no dining hall option exists at all and people often wonder how the precious mitzva of hadlakat nerot can be fulfilled.

Sometimes, people choose to light in their rooms in a concealed manner, but besides the safety hazards such secret lighting present, the highly sensitive smoke alarms in such complexes often reveal such candles.

Due to these and other concerns, the Zomet Institute has developed LeeNer, a specially designed, portable, electrical set of Shabbat Candles, ideal for such situations.  Its special type of incandescent light bulbs, almost the last in its kind of its size and shape, act as two candles of fire, coupled with its unique design, enable fulfillment of nerot Shabbat according to major poskim in situations where kindling live flames is untenable.

The halachic benefits of LeeNer (besides its portability and special Shabbat candle design) include:
• Its lights are small incandescent bulbs, which, unlike LED lights, are defined as fire.
• It is lit by inserting a battery, which is preferable over kindling a light attached to an electric outlet.
• Its design allows for viewing the flames directly, as the glass covering over the bulbs contains crevices which allow for direct viewing.

An ideal solution to light in places that it is difficult to light real candles.


  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Guestrooms
  • Army bases
  • and more

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