Menorah (Hanukka) – AV Deisgn

A renewed redesigned Corian menorah combined with brass, minimalist and contemporary. In the design process there was a desire to create a product full of glory but minimalist, using shape, texture and blending materials. The Shamsh at the end of the line is only revealed when the candles are placed in the Menorah. Handmade in Israel

Made after a unique process where we took Corian and recycled it.

>  Glossy finish

> 100% green product

>  Certificate: Green product

Dimensions: Height 11.5 cm Width: 24.5 cm Depth: 24 mm

> In the 2020 series, we created 100 menorahs, divided into four different Corian colors.

> Our products come packaged and protected

> Colors for illustration only

Handmade from a material called Corian, which was developed 50 years ago as a surface for harsh work environments, has been marketed worldwide since 1971 and has been imported to Israel for about 40 years. The main use of CORIAN: surfaces, sinks and wall coverings for kitchen, bath and many other uses.

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