Mezuzah Cases “Shema Israel” Glass – Agayof

Past and present are integrated into an unusual and unique design in which the stone and the scroll shape of the mezuzah remind us of the tablets of the covenant. Every work by Agioff is made in Jerusalem by Avner Agioff, Menachem Berman or Avia Agioff.

Dimensions (cm):

Mezuzah case for 7 cm scroll: 2 * 11
Mezuzah case for 10 cm scroll: 3 * 15
Mezuzah case for 12 cm scroll: 3 * 18

מידע נוסף

מידות 622031 cm

לקלף 10 ס"מ, לקלף 12 ס"מ, לקלף 7 ס"מ